365 in 365

I very rarely book escape rooms. In some ways that’s a good thing, like having an assistant to do it for you. In other ways, you wonder when and how you lost control of your life. To try and answer that question I did some analysis of all the rooms I’ve played in my life, alongside some relevant events, to see if I can spot any trends or changes.

365 in 365 graph
Graph courtesy of Google Sheets, as I’m not paying for Excel at home.

You can draw your own conclusions from that. One thing is clear, in 2019 I achieved the highly meaningful milestone of averaging more than one escape room a day. Please send help.


  1. I can’t see ‘met Sera’ (/‘the assistant’) and ‘Team Squared formed’ on this graph, but I think there’s a chance of some positive correlation..

  2. Oh, wait, got it – Met S2. I didn’t expect it to be all the way back in the ‘calm’ period. How nice of us to lead you in so gently to your new life…

  3. Whoa! Awesome statistics! Fantastic successes! I sincerely congratulate you on this achievement.

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