Hello everyone and welcome to Really Fun!

I’m Mark, a 30-something living in Greater Manchester, UK. In 2014 I fell in love with escape games. In 2015 I started blogging about escape games using a spare domain I had lying around, qmsm.co.uk. Since then I’ve learned about oh so many fun and interesting things, related to but not specifically escape games. In 2016 I launched ReallyFun.uk to carry on talking about escape games, but also to talk about many other fun things that take place in real life (REALly fun, gettit?).

The aim of the site is to spread the word about all* the fun things that are out there, particularly those that aren’t as well known. I’ll try and do this by sharing news and notifications, and also attending and reviewing places and events to help you decide if it’s the type of thing you’d be interested in. I’ll also be involved in organising and hosting various events to try and bring a bit more fun to the world.

You can email me on: hello [at] reallyfun [dot] uk, or contact me via Twitter: @ReallyFunUK (which you can also do via the sidebar, or the little Twitter icon at the edge of the screen).

Thanks for reading and please feel free to stick around.



*All fun things may not be covered. Please enjoy responsibly.

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