Birthday presence

birthday cake photo

They spelled it right!

I almost missed it, but assuming I can get this post published in the next 48 minutes, today is QMSM’s birthday!

It was a cold and boring Wednesday afternoon when I decided to stop thinking about creating a blog and actually published something. Since then there has been a few barren spells but I’ve just about managed to keep things going. And after being reinvigorated by the recent conference, I intend to keep going for a while yet. A big thank you to all who have read and will continue to read in the future!

To mark the occasion I’ve done what two of my most loyal readers, ExitGames and TheLogicEscapesMe, and team-mates have been requesting for some time and updated my rankings page through the 25 escape rooms I’ve reviewed thus far. I could write pages on some of the decisions I’ve deliberated while putting it together, but instead I’ll save it for the comments and/or Twitter. I’ll probably do a further update when I’ve caught up with my next five reviews.

Speaking of further updates, the present I’m giving the site is a makeover, so things may look a little different on your next visit. But I’ll talk more about that when it’s done. I hope I’ve positioned you appropriately close to the edge of your seat to check back soon!


  1. I do like the brightness and colour of your new look! Did you really have the pictured cake above? Seems like an excellent excuse for a cake to me!

    • Thanks! More changes to come, hopefully tomorrow (or today as it now is). Unfortunately not my cake. Just a google result and lazy photoshopping (hence the small Q).

  2. thelogicescapesme

    Liking the new look! Need to sort out my website. Was only ever meant to be temporary because I’d never used WordPress before and wanted to hack something together…

    • You’ve pre-empted a tweet I was planning to make later today (“Look out, a tweet is coming!!”). What you’re seeing is only part way towards the change I’m making, but it’s been delayed by some IT issues (or more specifically personal issues for my IT guy) so I’ve held off posting any new content (plus I’ve been busy setting up Puzzled Pint stuff). But I can’t wait any longer so will have a new review up later today.

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