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Welcome to!

I’ve been thinking about changing URL for a while now. Domain names aren’t as important as they once were, but there’s only so many times I can explain (or not) that QMSM doesn’t stand for anything.

I’ve been toying with various ‘escape’ related phrases for some time. But the longer the search went on, the more time I spent looking at and discussing things that aren’t strictly speaking anything to do with escaping. While I still love escape games, and will continue to visit and review them (hopefully in more timely fashion), I’m also really interested in Puzzled Pint (more information on that coming very soon), tabletop games, puzzle hunts, megagames, interactive theatre and more. The common feature of all (or at least most) of these things is that they’re enjoyable and take place IRL (in real life), hence ‘Really Fun’.

“But Mark, ‘fun things in real life’ is a pretty broad topic!” Indeed it is. And I’m certainly not going to be trying to cover everything. There’ll be a bias towards more cerebral activities, as well as a leaning towards things closer to me (in the North West of England). But I’m not also not going rule anything out that may be interesting.

To go with the new name we also have a new look, and I’ve started on a few new features that I’ll continue to develop and talk about in the coming weeks.

Hopefully you enjoy the new look and will continue to enjoy the content. If you have any feedback, particularly if you find any bugs or annoyances, please let me know.

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