Easy does it – The Mummy @ The Escape Room Manchester

Mummy Room - 23 mins

Buoyed by back to back successes, and challenged by the empty space on the Hall of Fame (i.e. nobody has escaped yet) the @ecclesladies team were keen to take on The Escape Room Manchester’s The Secret Lab. However, drawing from my experience at The Dungeon of Doom, I insisted that we all needed more experience before taking on a 5/5 challenge. This left us with their “easy” room, The Mummy:

Archaeologists have made a discovery that will change the course of Egyptian history. They have acquired proof that one of the Pharaoh’s tombs contains the secret Elixir of Life, a magical potion that grants immortality, the very same that granted Queen Cleopatra mighty reign as the final Pharaoh of Egypt. Countless efforts by wealthy adventurers have been fruitless in finding this tomb. However, your rag-tag team of archaeologists has come across a confidential piece of information of the whereabouts of this secret tomb. Enter the tomb of Thutmosis; Pharaoh of the Old Kingdom and High Priest to Horus, God of The Sky. Thutmosis was known for his expansive knowledge of sorcery and dark magic, and it seems that his secrets were buried in his tomb with him; including the Elixir of Life. You must lead your team into his tomb, acquire all his evil secrets, and successfully escape within sixty minutes or be trapped inside for all eternity and suffer Thutmosis’ wrath!

What defines an easy escape room is an interesting question; should the puzzles be simple or does that risk insulting the participants? Should there be a lower number of puzzles or does that risk making players think it isn’t value for money? This is probably a separate blog for another time.

The room is very lavishly presented, and has a couple of technical innovations that were more sophisticated than anything I’ve seen elsewhere, including one which tied into the theme so well it instantly becomes one of my favourite individual puzzles.

The down side is the simplicity. We got stuck on one puzzle for a good few minutes, but still made out in 23, less than half what we’d ‘paid for’. Obviously as more experienced escapers I expected us to escape but I’d still like to be entertained for longer than that.

I’d recommend the room for the complete novice or those wanting to see some neat tricks, but I think most people would want a sterner challenge.

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