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I mentioned a while ago that I was working on a couple of big projects that was slowing my reviewing. The first was the research piece you saw a couple of weeks ago. Much stumbling and faffing around later (the whole thing was new to me, which I’m sure you’ll tell) I’m pleased to launch the first episode of Escape From Reality – a podcast all about escaping and escape games.

In this episode we talk about a ‘real’ escape room from Enigma Escape, the difference between story and theme, and debate the benefits of books (as well as make plans for world domination).

Just from this one episode I’ve learnt so much about both recording and editing. So while this one is a little rough around the edges, hopefully the content will be enough for you to judge whether this is something you’re interested in, and then next time will be more professional (he says while laughing).

Big thanks to Ken from TheLogicEscapesMe from taking part and giving pre-release feedback (he thinks the intro is a little dry. I agree, but it won’t be there every time). Please send me your feedback, however you like (comments section, twitter etc.), so we can improve the next one. And please pass on to any of your escape-loving friends who may be interested!


  1. Great podcast, looking forward to the next one already.

    Books never really bothered me in rooms, I quite liked flicking through them and shaking them upside down in the hope that a missing piece of a puzzle might fall out.

    CD’s annoyed me much, much more.They’re fiddly to open and very brittle and clatter.

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