The Great Escape UK Unconference 2

The Great Escape UK unconference 2 photo

Photo courtesy of ExitGames

I’d normally leave news and events from the escaping community to ExitGames, but as he’s on intermission at the moment and this event is fast approaching I’m stepping in just this once.

The second Great Escape UK Unconference will take place on Monday 25th April 2016. The location hasn’t been clarified any more than ‘London’ yet, but is rumoured to be just down the river from the Houses of Parliament. You can read more and reserve your spot here.

I attended and enjoyed the first of these events which was held in Leeds back in January. You can read my write up here, and ExitGames’ write up here. I’ll also be attending this one, as well as sticking around on the Tuesday to visit some rooms. My plans aren’t full yet so if you’d like me to come and visit your facility please get in touch. I also have space for one or two more players to join the ‘team for a day’ so let me know if you’re interested in that as well.

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