Great minds think alike

You may recall that I introduced yesterday’s Theme Thursday post by saying the idea was very much invented by EscapistTO on the Toronto Room Escapes blog. In a ‘if it happened in a film you would say it’s unbelievable’-level coincidence, the theme that EscapistTO had lined up for yesterday was very similar to the one I proposed, without any prior discussion (or even contact) whatsoever. I, of course, didn’t want to deny the world the chance to read someone else’s take on it so insisted he go ahead and publish. So please see this post for an alternative take on how the theme could be used.

This whole thing gives me another idea for a post(s) which I’ll try and find time for in the near future.

Finally thanks to Chris for his kind words at ExitGames. The escaping community continues to grow but is becoming more connected than ever.

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