Introducing ‘really fun things to do’

AKA a calendar!



As is written in big red letters in the header, one of the goals of Really Fun is to help people find fun things to do. So alongside articles explaining what things are, I thought it would be a good idea to collect all these events together and present them in one place.

If you click through to the page you’ll find an introduction on the kind of thing you can expect to find there. Basically if it’s a regular event I’m only going to promote it if I can personally vouch for it. Attempting to list all the board game meets, pub quizzes and whatever else happens on a weekly/monthly basis would likely lead to madness, for both writer and reader! But for more one-off events I’m happy to list them wherever they’re taking place in the country as it’s well within reason that people would be prepared to travel for them (e.g. I’ll be heading down to London if we can find an organiser for DASH).

At the moment I have listings for:

I’ll be keeping my eye out for anything else interesting and updating regularly. But if you’re aware of something you think I (or more importantly, other people) would be interested please let me know.


  1. Very cool! I admire your bravery – and, if you can stick to it, I admire your commitment. (My own calendar is a wasteland.)

    • To be honest I forgot you had a calendar! But you’re working plenty hard enough on many other things to prove your worth. And even if you decide to ‘restore’ it I think the goal is a little different.

      It may be that this ultimately becomes little more than a personal to do list, but if that’s the starting point for people discovering some new fun things then I’m happy to try.

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