Please find below links to other people/pages in the escaping community along with some other cool stuff as well:

Escape game sites

Exit Games – Chris has listings of every escape game in the UK alongside excellent commentary and features on everything to do with escaping and the broader subject of puzzles and riddles. Focussing on, but not limited to, the UK & Ireland.
TheLogicEscapesMe – Reviews of escape games and other forms of fun. Primarily from London but also from around the world.
Toronto Escape Rooms – Escape game reviews and escaping blogs from @escapistto in Toronto, Canada.
Escape Room Addict – Escape game reviews from Toronto, Canada.
Escape Games Review – Yet more quality reviews and news from Toronto, Canada.
LockQuest – I don’t normally put links to operators here, but LockQuest’s blog features a lot of interesting stuff about game design and puzzling.
Intervirals – Reviews, news and lots of things interest from Essa in Australia.
Escape Game Addicts – More escape game reviews from here in the UK.
Play Exit Games – A directory that aims to list every escape game in the world, with news, competitions and more.
Escape Enthusiasts Google Group – Lots of people chatting about escaping.

Other stuff

Extra Credits – A youtube channel about video games and sometimes just games in general, with a tangent giving lessons in history.
Recombu – News and reviews of mobile phones and other gadgetry.

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