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It’s not been a particularly well-guarded secret (nor did it need to be) but I can now confirm that Puzzled Pint is coming to Manchester in March. I know this as I’ll be one of the people running it. So not only do you get to play fun puzzles but chance to meet me as well, win-win! (Though the puzzles bit is definitely the bigger win).

I think most of you will know what that means, but for those who don’t: Puzzled Pint is a monthly puzzle-based social event. It’s kind of like a pub quiz, but instead of trivia the teams have to work their way through a number of puzzles. It’s estimated to take 2-3 hours during which time players are encouraged to buy drinks and food from the bar, while the hosts circulate to make sure people are on the right track and give out a few hints. There is a scoreboard for fastest solve times, for competitive types, but the emphasis is more on the fun and social aspects.

The event always takes place on the second Tuesday of each month (the next one is March 8th, to save you getting a calendar out), but visits different venues every time* to make it as accessible to as many people as possible. A ‘location puzzle’ is released the weekend before the event that when solved reveals the location for the real thing.

I’ve known about Puzzled Pint for a year or so now, and been very jealous of the places that have it. I’m very pleased to bring it to Manchester (nee ‘The North’) and hope to see you there.

While it will be mentioned on this site from time to time, please follow/like one of the social media accounts to be kept fully up-to-date:

Twitter: @PuzzledPintMCR
Facebook: Puzzled Pint Manchester

*the same venue may be returned to if it proves popular

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