Rapid Review: The Detective Office @ Breakout Liverpool

breakout liverpool photo

Look at me, Rex Banner! I have a new hat!

My expectations couldn’t have been much lower for The Detective Office. But it was the only room available that fit in with our schedule so we gave it a try. And it wasn’t awful.

I mean, it was pretty close to awful. The ‘race room’ style design, accompanied with very thin walls, meant you could plainly hear next door’s (separate group) discussions. Not that there was much discussion as 80% of the room was searching or incredibly simple ‘puzzles’. And one of the answers we found we didn’t discuss, or even try in the lock, as we said that couldn’t possibly be what was wanted.

The highlight of the day, and very likely the reason I didn’t hate it, was the superb ‘escape room logic’ in the briefing: “Mary Spade was investigating a murderer, but now she’s been killed! Just before her death she sent you a package, and now the police think you’re the prime suspect…” Hang on a minute. That’s circumstantial evidence at best. We can easily explain this away… “so you need to break into her office, discover the identity of the real murderer, and prove your innocence!” WHAT?! Break into a crime scene? Put our fingerprints everywhere? To exonerate ourselves from receiving a package? I think we should take legal advice first. Can I phone a friend? Don’t open that door!

Overall – 3/10

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