Revelations – Remy’s Room @ Clue Finders Liverpool

This review of Remy’s Room is based on a visit from February 2016.

Remy's Room photo

Now it’s 40.

The last of the five sites in Liverpool for us to visit was Clue Finders. We hadn’t been avoiding it. In fact all the reviews, including one from our own James who had visited with his wife and family friends, had been extremely positive. We just struggled to find the right time, which finally presented itself in February (even if it did slightly overrun the Scotland vs. England Six Nations rugby game). Other than it was supposed to be good I had no idea what to expect as up until recently the room didn’t have an online description. It does now:

Hey Ace! It’s the 1940’s and Top British Spy, Remy Blumenfield has disappeared under suspicious circumstances, and that’s bad news. The Cops are a pack of Whistl’n Dixie’s & the trails gone cold. Now some high class Dames offering you serious megabucks to find him before some wise guys do – or he’s done for. Can you wrack your brains and track him down in time?!


Clue Finders is based on an industrial estate slightly to the north-west of the city centre. It takes a little bit of finding as the external signage is minimal, but there is free parking when you get there. Inside is similarly low key with a fairly small and uneventful waiting area. While these aren’t the most important parts of an escape site, so far I wasn’t impressed. That changed when we entered the room.

There was nothing that really blew me away about its contents. In many ways it was just another office/house. But there was something that endeared it to me straight away (perhaps just the airiness compared to Sacrifice which I’d played the day before). And this was cemented when I started the puzzles. There was very little ‘here’s a number, enter it into a padlock’; it was obvious some thought had gone into it. The need to apply our brains brought out the best in us, and there was a genuine energy in the room as we made good progress. We then made it to the second room and found it was as big again! This is a strong contender for the biggest escape game that I’ve played, yet it didn’t feel sparsely populated or thinly covered. Also in the second room was the best example of a ‘thing’ serving two purposes that I’ve come across. I won’t say more than that.

In fact I’m conscious that part of what made this room so enjoyable for me is how much it surprised me, so I’m not going to say much more. Just that it was one of the most fun rooms I’ve played. The decoration and theming is charming. The puzzles are challenging but logical. There’s something in it for all different types of puzzlers, including both rookies and vets. I’d gladly recommend it to anyone, with the minor caveat that it may be a bit much for a small inexperienced team. We were an experienced foursome and it still took us 52 minutes. Also of note, in a rarity for the North West, there are two copies of the room so you can play it as a race if you like, potentially providing entertainment for up to 10 players.

Reduced review: I really recommend racing to Remy’s Room readily.

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