Escape Room Ranking

Here I will attempt to rank all the escape rooms I’ve played from most enjoyable to least. This isn’t about difficulty, sophistication, luxuriousness or anything else so specific, just an overall memory/feeling.

I will update the page from time to time. The last time I did so was: 03/03/16


Rank Room name (& link to review) Site & location
1 The Lance of Longinus Time Run London
2 Mission 60 Lockin Real Escape Manchester
3 Bad Clown Escape Quest Macclesfield
4 The Secret Lab Escape Room Manchester
5 The Dungeon of Doom Clue HQ Warrington
6 Amazon Escape  Escape Quest Macclesfield
7 Jail Break  Lockin Real Escape Manchester
8 Detonation Clue HQ Blackpool
9 The Teleporter Clue HQ Warrington
10 Curious Encounters  Escape Quest Macclesfield
11 Quarantined Clue HQ Blackpool
12 Room 13 Escape Room Manchester
13 The Blueprint/The Edward Teller Room Code to Exit Altrincham
14 Bunker 38 Clue HQ Warrington
15 Madchester Breakout Manchester
16 The Vault Clue HQ Warrington
17 Classified Breakout Manchester
18 Sabotage Breakout Manchester
19 Room 33 Tower Bridge Escape Rooms (London)
20 Prison Break Escape Room Manchester
21 Blueprint Tick Tock Unlock Liverpool
22 The Hatch Tick Tock Unlock Manchester
23 The Illuminati Exit Strategy Liverpool
24 Shipwrecked Breakout Liverpool
25 The Mummy Escape Room Manchester
26 Virus Breakout Manchester
27 Infiltrate Breakout Manchester
28 Treasure Hunter Lockin Real Escape Manchester
29 Slaughter House Escape Room Manchester
30 Cabin Fever Trapped Up North Manchester

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