There and back again – Teleporter @ Clue HQ Warrington

This review of The Teleporter is based on a visit back in August 2015.

Teleporter photo

My beard was so short and well-kept!

I’ve been to Clue HQ Warrington many times before so you can read one of those reviews to find out more about the venue. This time we were playing The Teleporter:

Little is known about this mysterious device. Professor Errol Tepet, a recluse, was a brilliant yet extravagant inventor. His Teleporter was his prized possession, though, as it’s never been seen in use, scientists are sceptical as to whether it was ever functional. We are lucky enough to have the relic at Clue HQ and are welcoming guests for 1 hour tours….. will you be the next to experience the legendary Teleporter?

I’m vaguely aware that time travel and teleportation are different things, but for the purposes of escape room classification I would lump them both together, which must make them/it one of the most common themes. The differentiator here is that the ‘sciencey’ part of such an endeavour is embraced. You’re not thrown into some place and/or time and tasked with getting back; you have to convert the “relic” into a working machine, to then go on an adventure. The downside is this doesn’t leave much time for the actual teleporting, but is nonetheless fun and a nice twist on a familiar concept.

The theme also lends itself well to a quite diverse game. The science theme makes way for some more ‘hands on’ puzzles when you get to your first destination, and I always like to mix physical and mental (along with skill and mystery). As usual you get a lot of puzzles for your money at Clue HQ, and even with that they keep finding ways to be original. One moment in particular makes you think “that can’t be it… can it?!”

Any negatives? Well, as far as Clue HQ is concerned, a lot of puzzles means a lot of padlocks. Some people don’t like that but it doesn’t upset me too much. The room is advertised as for up to six, but as a bunch of five we felt a bit squashed in one area. Though again, it wasn’t too big a problem.

Perhaps the weirdest bit is the clock. I think it was TheLogicEscapesMe that previously pondered what an escape without a visible timer would be like. Well this room gives you the chance to find out, as while there is a clock, it’s ‘encrypted’, which basically means it’s useless. Apparently there is a logic to it for you to work out, if you care to, but there was plenty of other stuff to be getting on with. I found it quite a strange experience as I felt under a bit of time pressure, even though we made it out in 48 minutes I am in favour of everything in a room being on theme, so full marks for effort, if not the best idea in my opinion.

Putting that aside I thought this was a very fun room and one I would recommend to newbies and veterans alike. But you’ll have to write your own joke about ‘beam me up, Scotty’ as I can’t make it work.

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