Theme Thursday – Detention

Unsurprisingly when people are coming up with themes and plots for escape games they think about situations where you’re trapped inside somewhere you don’t want to be. Prison is the most obvious example, but we certainly can’t say that’s an underused theme as there are two jail breaks in Manchester alone.

One that I’m not aware of being used as much though is a school. There’s a number of ways this could play out. You could be snowed in, as above, and have to find an alternative exit. Similarly it could be the last day of term and as you go back to get your coat the caretaker (or ‘janitor’ for you Canadians) locks up for the summer. Alternatively it could be some out-of-hours punishment which you’ve been forced into (though from my limited experience that doesn’t usually involve being locked in). Perhaps there’s a playground legend of how someone once sneaked off the premises without getting caught after committing a prank, and now you’re hoping it’s true.

Regardless of the starting premise there’s obviously a lot of different directions you could go with your room design. Classrooms, science labs, libraries, canteens, staff rooms, gymnasiums/equipment stores would all be completely logical while quite diverse.¬†Another positive of this theme is that you could very easily tailor it towards younger escapers and families, if you wanted to. Or go completely the opposite direction and have some kind of Freddy Krueger-esque monster stalking the corridors (yes, I know he attacks people in their dreams, but he starts off as a school caretaker).

Would this type of extra-curricular activity appeal to you, or bring back too many memories? Let me know in the comments.

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