ThemeD Thursdays – A whole new dimension

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that when @Escapistto first coined the phrase he said “Themed Thursdays” rather than “Theme Thursdays” as I’ve preferred. The reason for this is that it wasn’t intended to be purely about escape room themes. Just that posts on a Thursday – a potential midweek wasteland – should have a theme to them to encourage people to read and write them. As it turned out talking about escape room themes proved a pretty interesting topic to cover for a few weeks. But constantly thinking up well thought out, original ideas is pretty hard, and we don’t want this to dry up just as it’s getting a following.

So for the next few weeks we’re trying something different. Our posts on Thursday will be themed. And that theme will be ‘come up with an idea for something to do with an escape room or escaping based on a particular item or word’ (or a more snappily worded version of the same). The something you come up with could be an escape room theme, or it could be a puzzle that you think would be fun, or an alternative narrative for a room you’ve already played, or (for the very creative) a mechanic or feature that could be introduced into a room or to escape games in general. Anything really that is related to this topic we love. The starting point, this item or word, could also be anything. We’re going to take it in turns to provide this word, which could be one you carefully select, or anything spurted out by a random word generator. Once the starting point has been selected you’ll have a week to think about it before reporting back with the results. Hopefully it’ll be a lot of fun.

The first starting point will be a painting. And as I’ve already said, you can interpret that however you wish. If you don’t have your own blog or space feel free to email them in to me or one of the other escape bloggers (I really need a links section) and we’ll host them for you. So get your thinking caps on and let’s see what we come up with on Thursday.

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