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As promised (although it has just crept past midnight!) I’ve updated the rankings page based on the 30 reviews I’ve completed.

The highest new entry is Escape Quest‘s Bad Clown straight in at #3. I didn’t give much away in my review because it’s incredibly hard to talk about it without spoiling, but I hope it came across how highly I rated it (if not I hope it does now). When considering my ranking I rate innovation highly, and this room didn’t just have original puzzles, it had original ideas, pushing the boundaries of what an escape game is, and I love that. I also mentioned in my review that I would talk about ‘golden tickets’ some other time. I still intend to do that, because I think it’s worth considering just on its own, so be sure to tune in again next week.

Innovation also explains why I’ve moved some rooms slightly up or down the list. Being the first to have some feature is great at the time, but when I’ve seen it many times since, and often better done, then my opinion will drop. I hope if anyone looks at this ranking they’re using to judge what games they might be interested in right now; not as some sort of historical record.

From innovation to technology (sort of). The rankings page is the fiddliest and hardest to update on the site (if any geniuses know an easy way to insert new rows and auto-update or sort in WordPress please let me know). The only part that’s straightforward is to add a new row at the bottom. But that would mean I’ve got a new ‘worst room’ so I don’t want to do it often. However I did get the chance in this update as (unsurprisingly, if you’ve been paying attention) Cabin Fever becomes the new low.

You’ll find Quarantined, The Blueprint and The Hatch in between those two somewhere.

As always if you’ve any questions or comments I’d love to hear them.

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  1. thelogicescapesme

    Inserting rows in tables is relatively easy with my setup. I’m not certain, but I assume that comes with the TinyMCE Advanced editor plugin. All I do is click on the table and then a little icon appears on the row allowing me to delete/insert above/insert below. Pain free.

    Sorting on the other hand – I’ve tried a variety of plugins, but they don’t seem to play well with some other plugin I have (presumably the above one).

    If you do work it out then let me know – I would like to make them sortable, but I haven’t yet had time to get my hands properly dirty and try to get it working.

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