…and the new – Armageddon @ Gamescape, Liverpool

This review of Armageddon is based on a review from January 2017.

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The closest any of us have ever come to manual labour

What a difference an hour/year makes. After spending the last game with the ghost of escape rooms past, Gamescape’s newest room felt more at home in the modern (end of the) world:

Scientists have discovered a massive asteroid that is on course to hit the Earth. If it strikes will destroy a whole continent or potentially wipe out life on the planet. Only a few people have access into the abandoned military bunker to activate a secret weapon capable to save the human race and the planet.

You only have 60 minutes left to find out how to destroy the asteroid, before it’s too late.

I don’t remember Bruce and Ben and co having to solve any puzzles before saving the world. In fact you’d think people might be willing to help. Maybe these were safeguards to stop the weapon being misused? Maybe I’m overthinking it.

The first impressions of the room weren’t exceptional, but it looked sharp and clean, and welcoming (as much as a military bunker can). As you progress in the game the styling gets even stronger which came as a very welcome surprise.

But it was the puzzles that gave this room a unique feel. There was a strong ‘electrical’ theme (one might even say ‘current’, hoho) running through the room. The solving methods weren’t particularly novel but the input methods and components certainly were. And it leant itself to a nice way of measuring progress, beyond the usual padlocks/time remaining; a small touch that really added to the drama.

We escaped with 14 minutes left having taken a couple of clues (which came through the screen; the notes under the door method seems to have gone). The clues were a little on the nose as well, otherwise it probably would have taken a few minutes more.

Armageddon marks a significant improvement over Gamescape’s previous offerings and is a genuine contender for the (not particularly prestigious) award of ‘best game in Liverpool’. Unfortunately that means I can’t use my ‘armageddon my money back?’ joke. The sacrifices I have to make.

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